Piano Movers in Chantilly
Are you searching for knowledgeable, professional piano moving companies in the Chantilly location? Platinum Moving Services is the premier piano moving firm for the DC metro area. With even more than 30 years of relocating experience behind us, we are the ones to trust to transport your piano securely.

Whether you're moving your piano throughout the country, and even overseas, we'll ensure your piano gets here safely at its location.

To find out more about our Chantilly area piano relocating services, call us at 866-977-3279 or call us right here.

Benefits of Hiring Piano Movers
For many years Platinum Moving Services has gotten comprehensive experience preparing pianos for transportation, so you can rely on the security of your piano to us. Our piano moving companies will take treatment of carrying your piano throughout. Hiring piano moving companies will assist:

Make your action less demanding
Provide you comfort regarding the safety and security of your piano
Free you from having to move a heavy and also delicate things
Ensure your piano will not lose value as a result of damage throughout transport
And also much more!
Functioning with professional piano moving companies is the best choice for transporting this fragile, hefty, investment item.

Chantilly Area Expert Piano Movers
Planning to attempt piano moving on your own? Though it isn't really suggested, relocating your piano on your own needs extra caution. Your piano is really heavy, fragile, and uncomfortable, as pianos lug all their weight in their top fifty percent. Just a solitary scrape can substantially decrease its worth! Not only that, attempting to relocate your piano on your own could create damage not just to your residence or piano however to on your own as well! The typical piano considers between 300 and also 500 pounds, so incorrect training may place you at threat for injury. Let the specialist piano movers at Platinum care for it for you. Platinum Moving Services' seasoned piano movers will certainly see to it your piano comes to its location in the exact shape it was when you left us with it!

What We Do to Protect Your Piano During Shipment
In addition to having professional relocating staff handle your piano, we make use of proven piano moving strategies.

We use the appropriate tools. It's not enough to cover the piano up in coverings and packaging tape (although that becomes part of the process). We utilize specialist straps, durable furnishings dollies, and other reliable moving devices to guarantee the security of your piano while read more we take it from your residence or company right into our vehicle then to its location.
We protect the piano's moving components. To maintain the delicate parts of your piano safe and secure, we lock the keyboard cover (if it does not have a lock, we use other methods to safeguard it-- never tape) as well as the wheels, if necessary. We always maintain a piano in its complete upright position, as laying it on its side could trigger damage to its inner operations.
We carefully protect the piano in our vehicle. It check here is definitely crucial that your piano relocates as little as feasible during transportation, more info and also we take every step required to earn particular it doesn't. check here Your piano will be positioned at the back of the vehicle bed (closest to the cab), placed on slabs to relieve stress on its legs and/or wheels, and also strapped securely to the wall surfaces of the truck.
Piano Movers in Chantilly, VA
. When you need to relocate your piano, call a knowledgeable piano moving firm-- Platinum Moving Services. Our specialist piano movers make use of one of the most relied on techniques and also tools to secure your piano throughout transportation so you could focus on obtaining settled in your new home. Platinum specializes in packing and moving delicate items like pianos-- we've even relocated art work for The Smithsonian-- so there isn't really a much better piano moving company in the DC city area to speak to.

We additionally use complete moving and shipping services, so we can assist guarantee your whole move is as hassle-free as feasible and also that every one of your things, including your piano, arrive in good condition.

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